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Internet Banking

Internet banking is gaining wider acceptance among customers across the World. Banks have found this to be an effective delivery channel to interact with their customers and provide them the necessary assistance. Many customers in the Western World do not visit their bank at all. They perform all their banking transactions through Internet.

Customers can now perform several banking operations such as fund transfers, opening deposit accounts, ordering cheque books and demand drafts, paying utility bills, applying for loans, and getting account statements without visiting a branch. All these can be done in the comfort of their house using a browser.

Penetration of data connectivity in rural areas has also helped increase the adoption of internet banking. Today, even a small village is able to connect to internet and process transactions. The wireless connectivity is easy to implement and is widely available across the World.

Processware has designed and developed a comprehensive Internet Banking application to enable users to carry out financial transactions using the browser. The solution has been developed using secured protocols to ensure the safety of information flowing through the browser. The user is able to look at all of his/her accounts held with the bank. The user can print the statement of accounts for the desired time period.