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Branchless Banking

Processware provides unique solutions for Branchless Banking Operations. Many financial institutions around the World face a situation of higher costs of opening a physical branch, in order to increase their customer base. Reaching more customers with less capital expenses is possible through branchless banking.

Across the World, many segments of population do not formally use the banking sector for their financial needs. The reason for this is the availability of a branch nearby their location. In many emerging economies, branchless banking has proven to be most effective way to increase customer penetration.

Processware has designed and developed these solutions, enabling financial institutions to take their services to the customers. A hand held POS device with bio-metric authentication capability enables an agent of the financial institution to physically visit remote locations and provide services to customers at their door step. These devices have GPRS connectivity to transfer data on a real time basis to the nearest branch of the bank. Banks can adopt a hub and spoke model to increase their coverage using a network of agents to promote the products and services.

The agent will have all the customer details on the POS device and will be able to provide all types of financial facilities to the customer on the field. The solution is integrated with BankSoft - Core Banking solution.