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Bangalore, Feb.14, 2000
Miracle Software for Banking

126 installations of Banksoft, a total branch banking automation software product has taken the nation's co-operative banks by storm.

It has been designed by Processware Systems (P) Ltd.

One may walk into the Guardian Bank of infantry Road, Bangalore or SUCO Bank in rural areas of Raichur and Koppal districts and get the distinct feel of an MNC. Customer services and cash transactions are made across the table. The kind of IT adoption in these banks has even attracted CNBC TV.

Processware has more than 100 branches where total banking operations are without ledgers. Recently Processware Banksoft's totally automated SUCO Bank has been certified with the ISO 9002 quality certification.

Mr. A Prakash, Managing Director, Processware Systems says, "Processware has the expertise in providing total banking solutions to operate the bank branches without ledgers". Most BankSoft software user banks provide continuous customer service and conduct business transactions from morning till late evenings.

Banksoft helps the bank personnel in generating all the books of accounts, financial statements conforming to Indian Banking Regulations Act from the data entered at counters as receipts and payments.

The on-line data is processed to generate all the books of accounts, ledgers, financial statements like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet of each branch. The unique feature of BankSoft is, generation of statutory reports from Form 1 to Form 11 for the Reserve Bank of India. Processware has automated banking operations using BankSoft software in 76 different bank locations. S. Satish Kumar, executive director, Reserve Bank Employees Co-Operative Bank Ltd says, 'Processware has been able to implement Banksoft to suit our requirements. We are happy the support of Processware.

Most of the banks using BankSoft provide services from morning till evening. Vidya Devarajan,general manager, Sri Sudha Co-op Bank says, 'We are totally computerised both at our branches and head office. BankSoft provides total customer business transactions in a matter of few seconds. We do not have the token system for cash withdrawals. The moment the customers presents a cheque or withdrawal slip across the counter the cash is handed over, of course if a credit balance exists in that account', says Shantaram, Director, Sri Kanyakaparameshwari Co-op Bank, Mysore.

Banksoft customers are located in Karnataka, Goa and even in far flung places like Mizoram. Processware imparts training on use of computers to the entire staff of the bank. Banksoft is extremely user friendly and a complete package that has hastened procedures in every one of our banking operations, says D J Patrao, General Manager, MCC Bank Ltd, Mangalore. MCC has 13 branches located in various villages of Mangalore district, two near the airport. Even this bank is located in coastal Karnataka area has successfully interconnected their branches using telephone lines to make inter branch transactions and gets the financial position of its branches at the head office everyday, and hence the banks financial position at the end of every day. Banksoft will provide internet banking facility to MCC Bank shortly to serve its NRE and NRO accounts.